The Colorful World of Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland pink hat

By Charleen Earley / Photos by Amy Roiland Amy Roiland first graced the July, 2016 cover of my prior magazine, and now she’s gracing the cover of my new publication, Colorful Living Magazine. When I think colorful, my mind immediately goes to Amy, simply because her creative Instagram posts are insanely colorful – not only with her clothes, accessories and her travel spots, but also in her personality and character. It was a no-brainer to ask her if she’d be our “cover-girl” for this inaugural issue, and I was honored she said…

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Cindy Kirk Loses 65 Pounds the Right Way

Cindy Kirk before and after

~ Advertorial ~ By Charleen Earley Photos by JVB Photography Cindy Kirk of Oakley ends every email with “Feel good, energetic, confident, healthy and happy,” and there’s good reason this single, administrative assistant does that – she’s lost 65 pounds through Delta Valley Health Club’s 20/30 Program. Initially, she lost 24 pounds in the 30-day program, and seven months after the program, she’s managed to lose an additional 41 pounds. Born in Concord, raised in Antioch, Kirk says she’s pretty much within her goal weight and just working on maintaining,…

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Is Social Media the Symptom or the Problem?

Social Media

By Karen Moss It seems like every other day, there’s yet another article about a study that proves social media leads to depression, especially among teens. Chicken, meet egg. Which came first: The depression that leads to social media addiction, or does social media addiction lead to depression? In my opinion, social media and our society’s obsession with it arose from something that had been brewing long before social media became ubiquitous. I noticed it around the late 80s, early 90s. I’d go out with my friends and it was like…

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I Don’t Have Kids and That’s Okay

Mom and Baby

By Jessica Wendland Photo by Lindy May Photography “You’re in your mid 30s and you don’t have kids?!” “You’ve been with your husband THAT long and don’t want any babies?!” “You’ll never understand REAL love until you have a child.” To answer these questions and statement: no, no and I guess not. I don’t hate kids. I don’t force my own opinions on people with kids. I don’t mind most kids at all. I do understand what it feels like to love someone else unconditionally with my whole heart (that’s…

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Mastery Should Measure Success

By Charleen Earley I still have my graded essay I wrote 38 years ago – not because of the letter grade I received on that paper – but because that grade was my final grade for the class. The grade was an A and it represented my progression, not my overall, points-tallied performance for the class, which would have been a C-minus. It was a course I took at Merritt College, located in the hills of Oakland, California. I was 16 years old at the time, but let me back…

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A New Hobby Fit Only For the Silly

Garden mailbox

Story and photos by Cynthia Ruehlig Many times before, I’d heard the suspicious rustling noise, but could not believe it when there, before my eyes, was proof of the freeloading gnome living in my back yard. I brushed aside parched needles fallen from the giant cedar tree – thick debris from past winters – to uncover a shining silver mailbox. Written in beautiful Gaelic script was the culprit’s name – Horace. My husband Walter and I go on weekend adventures to peel off the stress of daily life. During one…

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Pass or Fail Our Education System

By Walter Ruehlig In 50 years of teaching, I habitually have been asked, “Are today’s kids smarter or dumber than previous generations?” It’s a complex question. We’ll start by acknowledging that our current national angst over issues like global competitiveness is nothing new under the sun. In the 1980s, the mantra was “Why can’t Johnny read?” In 2001, we ushered in No Child Left Behind to address the achievement gap. Today we champion Common Core as the hopeful silver bullet. Let’s examine the data. NATIVE INTELLIGENCE We begin with a…

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