Is Social Media the Symptom or the Problem?

Social Media

By Karen Moss It seems like every other day, there’s yet another article about a study that proves social media leads to depression, especially among teens. Chicken, meet egg. Which came first: The depression that leads to social media addiction, or does social media addiction lead to depression? In my opinion, social media and our society’s obsession with it arose from something that had been brewing long before social media became ubiquitous. I noticed it around the late 80s, early 90s. I’d go out with my friends and it was like…

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Letter from the Publisher – Why I chose that name!

Pink striped sneakers

    First of all, WELCOME to the first issue of Colorful Living Magazine!   So as you may know, it’s not easy picking a name for a new magazine, or just picking a name for anything for that matter. We’ve all been there, right? A baby’s name, pet’s name, heck some of us even name our vehicles, Brad. And once it’s picked, that’s it. No looking back. Terminé, oui? So the name had to be solid. It also had to be original, as in, no-one-owns-it-original. Then all of a sudden, it…

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Editor’s Note

I join Publisher Charleen Earley in welcoming you to Colorful Living Magazine. Whether you are a serious reader or someone looking for a break from the rushed pace of life in today’s world, there is something for you in our pages. Students young and old have started back to school in the past few weeks, or will begin their school year soon. Walter Ruehlig addresses some concerns, deficiencies and strengths of education in the United States. A different approach to grading is discussed by Charleen Earley in her story of how…

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