The Colorful World of Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland pink hat

By Charleen Earley / Photos by Amy Roiland Amy Roiland first graced the July, 2016 cover of my prior magazine, and now she’s gracing the cover of my new publication, Colorful Living Magazine. When I think colorful, my mind immediately goes to Amy, simply because her creative Instagram posts are insanely colorful – not only with her clothes, accessories and her travel spots, but also in her personality and character. It was a no-brainer to ask her if she’d be our “cover-girl” for this inaugural issue, and I was honored she said…

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Cindy Kirk Loses 65 Pounds the Right Way

Cindy Kirk before and after

~ Advertorial ~ By Charleen Earley Photos by JVB Photography Cindy Kirk of Oakley ends every email with “Feel good, energetic, confident, healthy and happy,” and there’s good reason this single, administrative assistant does that – she’s lost 65 pounds through Delta Valley Health Club’s 20/30 Program. Initially, she lost 24 pounds in the 30-day program, and seven months after the program, she’s managed to lose an additional 41 pounds. Born in Concord, raised in Antioch, Kirk says she’s pretty much within her goal weight and just working on maintaining,…

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Is Social Media the Symptom or the Problem?

Social Media

By Karen Moss It seems like every other day, there’s yet another article about a study that proves social media leads to depression, especially among teens. Chicken, meet egg. Which came first: The depression that leads to social media addiction, or does social media addiction lead to depression? In my opinion, social media and our society’s obsession with it arose from something that had been brewing long before social media became ubiquitous. I noticed it around the late 80s, early 90s. I’d go out with my friends and it was like…

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