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I join Publisher Charleen Earley in welcoming you to Colorful Living Magazine.

Whether you are a serious reader or someone looking for a break from the rushed pace of life in today’s world, there is something for you in our pages.

Students young and old have started back to school in the past few weeks, or will begin their school year soon. Walter Ruehlig addresses some concerns, deficiencies and strengths of education in the United States.

A different approach to grading is discussed by Charleen Earley in her story of how one teacher made a profound impact on her life.

Social media is a huge part of nearly everyone’s life. But how much is too much? Karen Moss contemplates the effects of social media and offers some ideas for our saturated world.

Much of the emphasis in the world — whether it’s in back-to-school ads, television programming, or product placement in stores — is on people with children. What about those who choose a different lifestyle than having and raising children? Jessica Wendland offers a window into that viewpoint.

Where do entrepreneurs get their spark? Check out the interview of Shark Tank veteran Amy Roiland for a glimpse into this fast-moving, rapid-fire world.

And, for the escapists among us, how about a trip into the fantasy world of elves and fairies — right in Cynthia Ruehlig’s own backyard?

Jump in and enjoy!

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