Letter from the Publisher – Why I chose that name!

Pink striped sneakers


First of all, WELCOME to the first issue of Colorful Living Magazine!  

So as you may know, it’s not easy picking a name for a new magazine, or just picking a name for anything for that matter. We’ve all been there, right? A baby’s name, pet’s name, heck some of us even name our vehicles, Brad. And once it’s picked, that’s it. No looking back. Terminé, oui? So the name had to be solid. It also had to be original, as in, no-one-owns-it-original. Then all of a sudden, it hit me one day. Colorful Living!

Color encompasses every part of our lives – from our skin tones and personalities and Mother Nature’s colors outside to the colors on our plates at dinner. It’s also something that summed up my own personality, but broad enough to encompass all that I wanted to accomplish in this communication medium.   

Colorful Living Magazine is a full-color, quarterly publication centered around all the colors of life. As media consumers, I want this publication to be bold enough to underscore diversity, ageism, homelessness and empowerment, but fun and rich enough to feature food and wines, fashion, profiles, beautiful destinations and lively entertainment – all on a local AND national level. If you’re looking for meaningful, engaging, educated content juxtaposed with fluff, you’ll enjoy reading Colorful Living Magazine cover to cover – because life is meant to be lived in full, living color.

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